“My Journey To Faith”- How Powerful is Faith?

“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” -George Washington

“Faith is unquestioning belief.”- Ronald Hopfer

Faith has been used in so many variables of life. Its etymology describes the belief or the infallible understanding in something that may not be provable to all or even some. Yet, its tangible power is yet to be truly unveiled in modern day and truly unknown to most on how it all comes together. The mystery of this revelation is what I do to reflect on the theme of this blog. I reflect all things that are unseen by power or might and show that Faith is by Spirit. My thoughts and revelation of the promises of Faith is why the root of this blog is based on my Faith in Jesus Christ. While my desire is to show the levels of that Faith through evidence, story, thoughts, beliefs, and understanding. My hope is that you will leave with a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ through this illustration of Faith. This blog is an act of Faith. While it is intended to inform, persuade, and reveal the Power of Faith in Jesus Christ the revelation of that in your own lives is my faith. Its something I may never see but because I believe the impossible and I know that God can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I am aware that my Faith is evidence by the works of His hands. Understanding my why brings us to the foundation of this amazing narrative called “My Journey To Faith”. To an avid reader this mystery has some action, and thriller and even horror, romance, love, beauty, health, and wellness. All of these pillars help form a resolution and an understanding that without Faith it is truly impossible to see Gods love revealed in your life. And when all things seem impossible our Faith is what carries us through it all. My Hope is that this journey will draw you closer to an undeniable, infallible power of Faith and that is Jesus Christ my Lord! -Nikelcia


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Published by Nikelcia Marcelin

To know me is to hate me because Me died a long time ago. If I told you that Me changed to HE you wouldnt believe me because me would be HE and that would mean HE is still alive and I in me is really HE in me and that would bring us back to Who is HE? Which woud explain ME. But then you reference the scripture " It is not I who live but Christ who lives through me. Soo inessence to know about me you would have to conclude that my Faith is Me and its all that Im about.

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