The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As I look back over my life I have realized that one of the hardest gifts to attain is accountability for my own actions. When I was a little girl at the age of twelve, my mother would always tell me to clean up my room and tidy the house.

photography of bedroom


I would quickly list the many things that my younger brother had done to create the barge of mess while adding everyone’s part in why I feel that this isn’t my scope of work.

adult alone backlit dark


The chore was still there waiting for me to cleanup and the blame on who was the culprit didn’t change the level of responsibility that was given to me. It just derailed the process of cleaning up the mess and diverted the attention to others as if I had no responsibility. This is an example of what our American society has established in most social norms. While I contemplated in my corner why my mom chose me to always be the clean up person. And tried to validate my lack of self worth. It was apparent the chores would wait patiently for me to accomplish them whether I had the understanding that It was my charge to finish the task. Yet, having someone do the work for me seemed fun, relaxing and more fun. Well as I grew older and had more responsibilities I realize the wisdom my parents were instilling would help me for a lifetime. 

bright chemical clean cleanse

While I would pray my mother would buy a dish washer so I can use the cool dish washing soaps that look like candy. I realized that she was actually giving a gift as a child. A gift that would incur a lot of resources as I grew older but never the less still a great gift. And that is the Gift of Work. I wouldn’t receive the car in high school or the Jordans growing up. Or even the family experience I idolized on television. She instilled a gift that would help me throughout no matter the field I was in. And through all my gifts in life. The ones that stick with me are gifts that last beyond the wrapping paper.


white and red gift boxes
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Published by Nikelcia Marcelin

To know me is to hate me because Me died a long time ago. If I told you that Me changed to HE you wouldnt believe me because me would be HE and that would mean HE is still alive and I in me is really HE in me and that would bring us back to Who is HE? Which woud explain ME. But then you reference the scripture " It is not I who live but Christ who lives through me. Soo inessence to know about me you would have to conclude that my Faith is Me and its all that Im about.

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