I Found My Voice

The Cries of the Inner Muzzled Voice!


(These statements below are not generalizations or opinions of all men in general. This does not reflect the thoughts of those that perceive women as good and not evil, that understand they are partners and not dog companions. I have and will continue to experience Great Men in my personal circle that value and appreciate me. Those men are not a reflection of the thoughts expressed below.

But as a women that has been raped, molested, harrassed, and verbally abused these things all happened to me from that hands of Black Men which is why I must express these statements. So while I understand the pains they go through I also understand that no race can know how to treat us As Black Women unless we treat our own with respect and honor!!! And this is why I share this!!! )

Thoughts of a Once Muzzled Black Women (Read with Care)

Kill the Oppressed Masters Training! The worship on How to View The Woman!!! On How to Muzzle Her Mouth!!! Must End Today!!!

I saw this image below:

and at first glance I felt that this image should have had a black hands as well.

For so long in a room with black male leaders it wasn’t always the white man that suppressed my voice though I know that it’s happening by no means am I discounting this image but for a Black Women that has traveled the world. There is a under tone in black male relationship that needs to be addressed!

No I’m not your competition or your huddle! I’m not the reason you give up or a reminder of mistakes you made.

I’ve experienced more rejection and muzzled character from Black Men now more then ever. It’s assumed because you call me a Queen and you portray a King that I am praying for you to be my husband whether you are married or not. My singleness isn’t a punching bag for your insecurities.

A True King Knows My Value and Satisfies me with transparency, truth and vulnerability.

Any sign of human interest is a signal to label and dog out. You treat me like a groupie or a fan. I observe you not because I want you rather it’s because I love you and pray for goodness in your life. I honor you and I ask for nothing in return. I actually pray well over my enemies. I don’t want anything that Christ does not have for me.

I don’t want a dead seed downloading itself in my womb. Keep your seeds of poison(hate, fear, rejection, insecurities, oppression and discrimination)!!!

I only want the seed of Christ in my womb and if you so decide to carry that seed the version of self seeking self righteousness must leave.

Evict the bondages of fear that plague your heart when you see me. See my value my worth and my mind. Ask questions , see me as a safe place, believe that if there is something I am working on God can and will heal it before we decide to marry

(marry means to come together whether it be relationship, courtship, marriage, business partnership, anything having to join together and unite.)

You take advantage of my knowledge and use my life as a dumping ground of what’s wrong with black women. You seek after lighter tones of my skin because you see me like a dark past that you are scared to unveil.

You call me Queen yet inwardly you rage war with my soul. You compete with me rather then working alongside me. You call me Queen with no desire to court or be with me. You don’t see that this word is all I have left for my King. So why do you call me Queen if you don’t see as a one.

Call me Sister, Friend, Beautiful, Royal, Ma’am, every good thing but something you don’t even acknowledge. You gossip and create division amongst people around me desiring that I remain helpless and alone.

You might get convicted and answer a phone call but it’s just to throw a bone. Because inwardly you perceive me the way you perceive yourself a lonely female dog. Desiring physical touch and pleasure as the only way to show affection.

Listen touch can only pleasure a Queen when it is first met in the mind. Your perception of me can only be seen by the lens you see yourself. I’m not referring to narcissism that desires to breed little versions of yourself. Treating women like a dog breeder for your pack and rights, territory. Labrshing with gifts and money while inwardly see a debt rather then a treasure.

Please keep your gifts.

Your desire to see more then a prize to your collection will remain a desire unfilled with a mindset of possession and control. I love you Black Man, but make no mistake about this, truth is the only way we will see courtship in any level.

Whether it’s friendship, business partnership, relationship, and more. These desires can’t and will not be met unless there is a common understanding that each women is a unique version of womanhood.

Don’t assume that I am what you experienced. Give me a fresh start. Give me a chance to unveil my truth. And as you allow me to do that you are training men of all races to do the same!!!

Be the example of Kingship that we need on the earth. Stop speaking to other women about me negatively.

Don’t entertain women that judge me don’t fuel there desire to remain as insecure as there Master.

My hope is that you read this and clean up the lens by which you see a black women. Give her a chance to show you if she is mature or still a child in her perception of queenship.

Teach her how to value herself by living out the same. Be the change you want to see and examine your heart to see if you have shown her pain in anyway. Repent and change your ways. Let heal first before we help heal others!!!

Visit: http://www.mymindmatters.us

Published by Nikelcia Marcelin

To know me is to hate me because Me died a long time ago. If I told you that Me changed to HE you wouldnt believe me because me would be HE and that would mean HE is still alive and I in me is really HE in me and that would bring us back to Who is HE? Which woud explain ME. But then you reference the scripture " It is not I who live but Christ who lives through me. Soo inessence to know about me you would have to conclude that my Faith is Me and its all that Im about.

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